Tiller Attachments

Aerator / Dethatcher Combo

Mantis Dethatcher
Aerator Dethatcher Combo
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Lawn Aerator cuts thousands of tiny slits to encourage new growth. Reduces soil compaction to let in air and water to promote beneficial soil microorganisms. Lawn Dethatcher has 60 strong flexible spring-steel picks to pull up grass' root stolons and rhizomes, along with other dead material. 15 inch swath.


Kickstand In Use
Included with every 2012 4-Cycle tiller at no charge.
Solid steel construction. Attaches easily to the handles and flips up or down for instant use. Park your tiller anywhere.


Plow In Use
Forms straight, uniform furrows, both deep and shallow. Banks soil for fatigue-free planting. Hardened steel plow-blade.

Wheel Set

Wheel Set in Use Pictured with Crevice Cleaner (sold separately)
Wheel Set Pictured with Crevice Cleaner (sold separately)
Gives you the option of rolling your tiller to the garden. Park the tiller upright while you add fuel. Adds stability while using the Crevice Cleaner attachment. Height adjustable to 6 different positions. Pictured with Crevice Cleaner (sold separately)

Planter / Furrower

Planter Furrower in Use
Planter Furrower
Dig deep planting beds for potato eyes, asparagus roots, onion sets and flower bulbs. Great for tilling very narrow areas. Perfect for creating raised beds and digging trenches.

Crevice Cleaner

Crevice Cleaner in Use
Crevice Cleaner
Remove weeds and dirt from cracks in patios and sidewalks. 34 tough steel bristle brushes arrayed around a sturdy steel wheel. Comes complete with balancing wheel and fender. (works best with optional wheel set)
Handy Item Kit 4-Cycle Tiller (for 25cc; current model)
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For use with the 4-Cycle Honda-Powered Mantis Tiller/Cultivator (25cc engine; current model). Includes: 2 bottles of premium 4 cycle engine oil (2.6 oz. ea.), 1 funnel, 1 spark plug, 1 air filter pad, 1 2oz. tube of transmission grease, 1 transmission gasket, 1 fuel filter, 2 tine retaining pins, and combo wrench.