1. Shopping and Shipping [+]
    • What methods of payment are accepted? [+]
      Contact Walter for payment options.
    • Can I pick up my order? [+]
      Yes. Once you order we will send you pickup info.
    • How long does delivery take? [+]
      We normally ship within 24-48 hours of receiving your order. After that, it depends on your location. The western provinces take about 3-4 days, Ontario & Quebec 4-6 days, and the Maritimes 6-8 days.
    • What if I'm not home? [+]
      We ship by FedEx Ground or Canada Post so be sure to provide us with a street address- FedEx can't deliver to Box Numbers. FedEx will leave your mower without a signature if the driver feels that the location is secure.
    • How do I check on my order? [+]
      Your email should be provided with your order. You will receive an email from FedEx providing you with tracking info and an estimated delivery date. Once your order is shipped, we update your file and you will receive a separate notice that your order was shipped.
    • Will I hear from you once I've placed my order? [+]
      FedEx will send an email with your expected delivery date and tracking information. You will also get an email from FedEx when your order is delivered.
    • What if I have to return a mower? [+]
      All sales are now final.
  2. Assembly and Care [+]
    • Will I have to assemble my mower? [+]
      You will only have to assemble the handle and attach it. Depending on how handy you are, this will take 5-15 minutes. Your packaging contains all the parts and instructions.
    • How do I care for my mower? [+]
      Your mower is a very low-maintenance device. Keep it clean of grass debris with a cloth or small brush. Keep it dry. Don't mow wet or damp grass. Keep it rust-free. Use spray silicone to apply a light coat to the blades and bed-knife. Not much silicone is required- don't allow it to build up.
    • Will I have to sharpen my mower? [+]
      The Scotts mower will require sharpening every season or two.
      The NaturCut and Brill mowers won't require sharpening.
      Their flame hardened blades are very durable and are estimated to be about 20 times harder than normal blades. Combined with the non-contact cutting system these blades will last the useful life of the mower.The life expectancy of our mowers is around 10 years of normal use. By the time the blades would need sharpening other components of the mower will probably need replacing. If you used one of our mowers and it cost you perhaps $250.00 then your cost of ownership for one of our mowers would be about $25.00 per year. That is less than sharpening shops charge for a single sharpening.
    • What is involved in the yearly adjustment? [+]
      (NaturCut and Brill mowers only) The mowers usually cut properly right out of the box and require no initial adjustment. However you might have to deal with a minor adjustment in the beginning. The NaturCut and Brill Mowers both mention a yearly adjustment. Often even this adjustment is not required. The contact-free silent-cut action means that the bed-knife is adjusted so there is a very small gap between the rotating blades and the stationary bed-knife. Only the stationary bed-knife is adjusted. Each end of the stationary bed-knife has a bolt that is adjusted in small increments to establish the proper gap. See 'Walter's simple adjustment method'.
    • Walter's simple adjustment method [+]
      Adjust the blade adjusting bolts until the rotating blades just evenly touch the stationary bed-knife. It is entirely possible that 1, 2 or even 3 blades might touch and the others might not- don't worry about that. (This is, after all, a lawn mower and not a medical device) Then adjust the bolts equally, in small increments of 1/8 turn, until the rotating blades no longer touch the stationary bed knife. Before any further adjusting try cutting your lawn. The mower will probably cut just fine. If the mower leaves uncut grass the gap is too wide and if the mower is hard to push, seizes up or leaves a 'scalloped' effect on the grass, even though the blades are not touching, the gap is probably too tight. A minor adjustment either way and you will probably be done. The trick here is to find the 'sweet spot' in the blade gap for your particular variety of grass and circumstance. Always adjust each bolt the same as the other to keep the blades parallel and don't be a slave to the blade gap gauge that comes with your mower- that is a nominal preset only. It takes so little time to properly adjust your mower that it is well worth the effort.
  3. Warranty and Store [+]
    • Authorized reseller [+]
      We are proud to be an authorized reseller/distributor of every product we sell. Rest assured your warranty is intact and we're here to support you long after you buy.
    • How long is the mower warranty? [+]
      Warranties are for private use for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
    • What is covered? [+]
      Warranties apply to all serious defects of the product which can be proven to have been caused by faulty materials or workmanship. The manufacturers have the option of supplying a replacement of the product in working order or repairing the product free of charge at their facilities, provided that the device has been handled correctly in accordance with the instructions in the Owner’s Manual and that neither the buyer nor a third party has attempted to repair the product. We will be happy to help if you have any questions.
    • Who do I deal with for my warranty? [+]
      Reel Mowers Canada should be your first contact for warranty claims. We will help you or, if necessary, advise you on how to contact the manufacturer.
    • Who is Reel Mowers Canada? [+]
      Reel Mowers Canada is operated by Reel Mowers Inc. of Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. Our mailing address is Reel Mowers Canada, 98 Courtenay Drive, Sherwood Park AB, T8A 5Y2. We are the exclusive dealers in Canada for NaturCut Mowers. We also carry Brill and Scotts lawnmowers.
    • Mantis Warranty info [+]
      The 2- Cycle Mantis Tiller is covered by a full 5 year warranty on all parts including the engine/ motor. The 4-Cycle Honda-Engine Tiller is covered by a 5 year warranty on the tiller with a 1 year warranty on the Honda engine.
  4. Reel Mowers & Lawn Care [+]
    • How does a push reel mower affect my grass? [+]
      Turf (lawn grass) forms a dense, interwoven network of leaves (blades) just above soil level. This interwoven growth pattern is a key element of turf's natural ability to retain moisture and crowd out weeds. The scissor cut heals quickly and causes minimal disturbance to the natural growth pattern. The grass is cut in place, reducing the vertical height but leaving the grass with blades of varied lengths - just as you do when you trim your house plants for maximum sun exposure. The roller refreshes the interwoven growth pattern and the clippings recycle back into the lawn to compost and provide nutrients. A grass catcher may also be used to collect the clippings for use as mulch elsewhere in the garden.
    • What is meant by "non-contact cutting system?" [+]
      The reel and the bed knife (stationary blade) of the NaturCut and Brill mowers clear each other by a tiny gap of 0.05 mm - less than the width of a blade of grass. The non-contact cutting system gives the same scissor cut one expects from a reel mower but with less rolling friction and less noise. Before leaving the factory the blades of a new mower are set optimally. Periodically, if the cut becomes uneven after long use, the bottom blade setting can be corrected in a few minutes using a 10 mm wrench and the gauge supplied with the mower(or any 0.05 mm gauge).
    • Anything to remember when switching from a rotary mower? [+]
      If the grass is high (3 - 4 inches high or more) you can make the transition easier on both yourself and your lawn by adjusting the height in two steps. You may even want to mow once more with a power mower, bagging the clippings to remove the excess mass. Then the next day mow with your new reel mower. Your lawn will love you for it.
    • Any tips for mowing my lawn? [+]
      Regularity is the key to effective mowing. The rule of thumb is to reduce the height of the grass by one-fourth to one-third. If you mow to 1.5 inches then at about 2.25 inches it's time to mow again - usually a week or less. If you wait too long and reduce the height by half or more at one time, especially in hot weather, the delay can cost you. A yellow tinge may appear indicating root shock, which may take weeks to recover. The grass will recover and grow back but the weakened lawn is now more susceptible to weed germination. Regularity - mowing, watering and feeding - will encourage your lawn to better health and appearance!
    • How high should I cut my grass? [+]
      With a reel mower you may always cut to the lowest recommended height and be confident that your lawn will have a beautiful, naturally healthy "barefoot" look and feel. 80% of the mowers in use in Canada are rotary power mowers. Thus most current mowing height recommendations are based on the requirements of power rotary mowers, which cannot mow at attractive healthy lower heights without possible damage to the lawn such as browning and scalping injury. Our NaturCut mowers allow for great cutting height adjustments with the Classic HD able to cut over 3 inches.
    • Do I need a catcher? [+]
      The push reel mower is the original mulching mower. In most areas grasscycling - leaving the clippings on the lawn - provides the lawn with 1/4 to 1/3 of its nutritional needs over the season. Thus, generally a grass catcher is not needed unless you wish to collect the clippings for use as mulch elsewhere. Use of the grass catcher is more common in spring when lawns in their high growth periods require mowing twice a week. That much mowing generates a lot of clippings so the grass catcher can be useful to avoid an excessive buildup of clippings on the lawn.
    • Can I cut when the lawn is wet? [+]
      No. This causes grass to stick to the mower and makes clean up more difficult. Rust is the only real enemy of your mower so don't risk it!
    • What if I'm going away? [+]
      Remember that regularity is key to fine lawn and that you should only be cutting 1/4 to 1/3 of the grass each time. If you are gone long enough that you will exceed the 1/3 limit then you should make arrangements to have someone mow your lawn in your absence.
    • Dandelion Solution [+]
      Non contact reel mowers have always had a problem cutting dandelions. Their leaves are just thin enough that the mowers tend to leave most dandelion leaves uncut. NaturCut has tested their blades and will now allow users to adjust the rotating blades until they just touch the stationary blade. This might not seem like much but it is a VERY BIG DEAL! By using your NaturCut reel mower with the gap adjusted to zero the mower will still perform like normal but will finally allow you to cut dandelion leaves successfully.